About Phi Delta Theta @ JHU

Phi Delta Theta was founded in 1848 based on the core values of friendship, soundlearning, and moral rectitude, all in the pursuit of each and every member striving to become the greatest version of themselves. Since that winter day in 1848, Presidents, Vice Presidents, CEO's, Nobel Prize winners, Major League Baseball hall of famers, and over 10,000 war veterans have taken the pledge of brotherhood and truly exemplified what it means to be a Phi. Now with over 190 active chapters and more than 250,000 men initiated, Phi Delta Theta has found a new home at The Johns Hopkins University in 2009, where its brothers take the same pledge all in the pursuit of greatness equal or greater than those who have come before them.

Creating change, leading innovations, and paving a pathway from ordinary to extraordinary is not easy, but when you have the backing of decades of success and a brotherhood of men ready to pick you up when you fall, becoming the greatest version of yourself is about as easy as it gets. Phi Delta Theta at Johns Hopkins is more than just a Fraternity, we are a brotherhood that is meant to last a lifetime, a place where you'll find the best man at your wedding and your future business partner, and a group of men who, together, aim to exceed the expectations set before them. When you look back on your college career and the man you were, you'll credit Phi Delta Theta at Johns Hopkins with why you became the man you are.


“To do what ought to be done but would not have been done unless I did it, I thought to be my duty.”

Robert Morrison - Founding Father of Phi Delta Theta


Phi Delta Theta on Campus and Beyond

Since our founding in 2009, brothers of Phi Delta Theta at Johns Hopkins have gone onto bigger and better things. We now have alumni attending graduate school, medical school, and beginning their careers. Some of our alumni now work at places such as Google, Bloomberg, Uber, and many many more. Phi Delta Theta at Johns Hopkins offers you a network that built on success. Our network also is a prevalent part of our brothers on campus experience.

On campus, we have brothers involved in leadership positions in philanthropical groups, academic societies, and admissions groups. Our brothers are involved in groups such as Dance Marathon at JHU, The Hopkins Organization for Programming, The Student Admissions Advisory Board, HERO, and MedHacks. Our brothers also participate in events such as Kappa Alpha Theta's Rock the CASA, Relay for Life,  President's Day of Service, and many more.